Team Audio

How we do it

Team Audio

How we do it

You need help with your audio and we have the crackerjack roster for every occasion. We'll give you some examples of how each team operates, but the bottom line is this: We specialize in people and our pride is in making the right match for your needs.

Four Primary Teams


We bring order to the chaos of creative development.

  • For studios and devs with active projects and no audio personnel.
  • From establishing a style and direction through to implementing the final assets, you’ll have the same experience as the top AAA development teams.
  • We’ll walk you through everything and then we’ll take care of it.


We’re here for you with the clutch assist at the zero hour.

  • For studios and devs with active projects and in-house audio personnel.
  • When you need a surgical strike to get your tasks under control, we step in.
  • We have experts in all audio disciplines to release the pressure on your team.


We round out the crew under your company banner.

  • For audio service companies with overflow work.
  • We’re here to pick up the slack when the going gets tough.
  • Available in a pinch or to scale up for the long haul.


We recruit and train the perfect candidate for your team.

  • For studios and devs actively hiring for open job reqs.
  • We don’t waste your time with people that don’t qualify.
  • Between offer signed and first day on the job, we can train your new hire so they hit the ground running.