Team Audio

How We Do It

Team Audio

How we do it

You need help with your audio and we have the crackerjack roster for every occasion, no matter the scale. Below we’ve provided some examples of how our core teams operate, but the bottom line is this: We specialize in people and our pride is in making the right match for your needs.

If there’s something specific you’re looking for and it’s not listed, reach out!

Full Service team

Full Service

If you’re a studio or business with an active project and no audio personnel, we bring order to the chaos of creative development.

  • Our team will establish an audio style and direction, covering each step along the way, including implementation of the final assets.
  • We’ve worked with many teams across different engines and will work within your established processes.
  • We’ll walk you through everything, and then we’ll take care of it. All you need to do is ask.
A La Cart Team


If you’re a studio or business with active projects and in-house audio personnel, we’re here for you with the clutch assist on whatever your audio needs may be.

  • We have experts in all audio disciplines to release the pressure on your team, including technical audio, voice over production, and custom compositions.
  • We have experience with tight deadlines and being able to diagnose and solve any audio-related problem you may have, so let us know what you need.
  • When you need a surgical strike to get your tasks under control, we step in and help you cross the finish line.
Composition Team

Music Composition

If you’re a studio or team that needs help with your project’s custom music, theme, or memorable tune, we’re ready to go.

  • With veteran composers on staff and dozens of high-profile projects under our wing, you bring the idea, we’ll create the score.
  • We can work with your existing audio staff, or fill in any gaps, so make sure to give us the details.
  • We’re ready to take on your idea, as we’re versatile across many genres and styles.
Trailer Team


If you’re a studio or dev team in need of high impact sound to stand out from the crowd and attract the high level of awareness you crave.

Additional Services

Need audio help and it’s not specified above? Reach out anyway! We have dozens of experienced Sound Designers, Programmers, Composers, and more to help you out.

  • Our team has experience working across hundreds of AAA and indie titles, including multiple engines, solving problems you may have never thought of.
  • We’re always looking to make connections with new studios, established teams, or individuals looking for help.
  • Our team loves a challenge, so hit up our Contact section!