We are the glue between

dev teams and audio services.

We are the glue between

dev teams and audio services.


Ariel Gross


Ariel Gross has had a long and diverse career in audio production and game development.

Kat Wenske

Kat Wenske

Executive Producer

Kat Wenske is a sound designer and audio producer with a broad range of AAA and indie experience.

Kyle Vande Slunt

Sound Supervisor

Kyle has been designing sound for games, linear media, and interactive art since 2005.

Chris Rickwood

Music Director

Chris Rickwood is best known for creating dramatic musical scores for video games.

DK Chow

DK Chow

Sr. Audio Director

DK Chow is an audio director focused on empowering high-performing teams to ship AAA games.

Roel Sanchez

Roel Sanchez

Technical Audio Director

Roel Sanchez is a technical audio director and award winning sound designer that is pushing the boundaries of interactive audio.

Vision Statement

Team Audio connects development teams with the best talent in the industry, but what really sets us apart is our attention to the gaps in between. Our vast experience with the business and production aspects of audio coupled with our dedication to processes and systems sets up an exponentially better experience for our clients.

People choose Team Audio because they need audio off of their plates and they need to know it’s taken care of. Our top priorities are always great relationships with our clients and predictability in what we do. We represent only the best and brightest in our field, so we can count on excellence in craft, but what we’re actually serving up is confidence and peace of mind.

Team Audio lives and dies by its reputation. This is why we are vigilant in vetting the people we work with. This is why we are always accountable to our commitments. This is why we care so much about our processes and systems. We protect and preserve our reputation with every single action we take.

Team Composition

Team Audio consists of a comprehensive network of individual audio developers and audio teams that spans the entire world. Our roster includes proven talent across all experience levels and sub-disciplines.

We don’t like our relationships to feel like transactions. Our roster is a tightly-knit community that we cultivate with processes learned from our extensive time as in-house developers, including an emphasis on mentoring, training, and growth. We’re in it for the long haul.

Core Values
We cultivate meaningful relationships.

The worth of Team Audio is measured by the quality of its relationships. We treat each other and our clients with dignity, patience, and kindness. We truly care about working together and the fact that we’re working together needs to matter.

We demonstrate integrity in everything we do.

Integrity means that we are honest and accountable for the work that we do. We deliver on our commitments and we help each other recover from mistakes. Our word is our bond of steel.

We prioritize processes and systems.

Our processes and systems reduce the uncertainty of a rapidly changing industry. We follow our processes to the letter and use the scientific method to improve them. This is how we build confidence in our clients and predictability in our methods.

We protect our reputation.

We are uncompromising in the quality of our relationships, our results, and the way we do business. Each interaction with each other and our clients matters, so our best selves are always shining through when representing Team Audio.

We help each other grow.

We are committed to professional growth and mentorship. To stay at the forefront means that we are always coaching and challenging each other to become greater than we were. We hold regular feedback sessions and one-on-one mentoring.